The Cold War Museum Presentation Series


The Museum regularly (about every 3-4 weeks) has a series of presentations by eyewitnesses to, or other experts on, key Cold War events and activities. We've had about 40 to date.   These presentations were in-person at the Vint Hill until the COVID-19 emergency required that we seek another format.


The presentations are currently 100% online in the Museum’s Zoom Room.  While this has some disadvantages, it has the great advantage of allowing both our speakers and our audience to be sitting in their home offices anywhere in the world, and for both the presentations and our usual question-and-answer sessions afterward to continue as before.


We have a modest charge for tickets to these presentations ($20 in the online format) because they are an important source of income to allow us to have a physical presence as a Museum, with real artifacts where visitors can see the physical reality of Cold War technology and activities.  The Presentation Series substantially helps maintain our usual free admission to the Museum on the weekends, so that visitors can bring their whole families and can enter without worrying about their budgets.


If you would like the chance not only to learn more about key Cold War events and activities but also to converse with eyewitnesses--people who were professionally trained to evaluate the significance of what they observed--and to other experts who have depth of knowledge of the context, please consider joining the conversation and engaging.


Here are the topics of the currently scheduled events, with links to more details and ticketing on the Museum’s pages on Eventbrite:


§ 3/21/21—CIA Chief Historian David Robarge on CIA covert actions during the Cold War.  Zoom presentation.


§ 4/11/21--Dr. Boria Sax on Stealing Fire, his book on a Cold War childhood in the U.S. where his father was an atomic spy who was NOT caught, and how he learned the truth as result of his documentary research much later.


§ 5/16/21—Buz Carpenter on his most important Cold War SR-71 mission—a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet flight over the Middle East during a crisis that was ordered and monitored directly by the President.


§ 6/6/21—Chris Pocock, the world authority on the history of the U-2, from its Cold War origins to present day continuing operations—the story of one of the successful and adaptable airborne intelligence platforms ever created.


§ 6/27/21—Dori Jones Yang, former Business Week Hong Kong bureau chief for eight years in the 1980’s, on the effects of Deng’s radical economic changes in the 80’s that created the modern Chinese economic powerhouse.  Fluent in Mandarin, she witnessed those changes on the ground in Hong Kong, Beijing, and elsewhere on the mainland.


§ 7/18/21—Olga Sheymov on Tower of Secrets, the story of how her husband, Victor Sheymov, a high-ranking KGB officer, became disenchanted with the Soviet system and started working for the West, with the two of them being exfiltrated as the KGB closed in.