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Anya PH

It's a hidden gem full of artifacts and knowledgeable tour guides. They love what they do and it shows. Open on the weekends with no charge and on weekdays for personal tours which they do have to charge for. It's like stumbling into someone's house who happens to be a collector and they opened their house to fellow enthusiasts. If you like history and specifically the Cold War era, you'll enjoy wandering around this two-storey museum. There's also a nearby winery and cafe, although the case is closed on Sundays so plan accordingly.




They have some great artifacts and the site (Vint Hill) has a unique history, but the real draw is the people there, especially Mike. They know their stuff and some of them were active in the Cold War. If you go, get them talking! We spent about 4.5 hours here. The stories were that good!



Jeremy Quinn

Great hole in the wall collection of history. Came down for a presentation at the brewery next store. Great knowledgeable volunteers.



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Marty S

Herndon, VA


This is one secret about the cold war that should get out as widely as possible!
Tucked away past a church and winery, this small, two-story museum transports visitors back to the days when the US and USSR spied on each other from the air and through the airwaves - instead of the Internet like we do now.  There is an absolutely amazing collection of equipment (magnifying tables for inspecting SR71 photos!  A Soviet solid rocket booster!), mementos, uniforms, books and nicely documented displays.  As you would expect of a museum built on the site of a former Army signals listening post and training school there is also a great collection of radios and cryptographic gear.
The men who were there when we visited didn't just read about the history here - they lived it and provide engaging tours.  If you want to visit a museum over the weekend so you can learn about geopolitics in the mid-1900s, set your GPS for Vint Hill, VA and enjoy this hidden gem!
Robert M.


Chantilly, VA


The Cold War Museum is a must for school groups and all millenials.
Yes, the Cold War really existed. Yes, there are people who were there that can tell you about it and show you artifacts of those dark days.
Educators please schedule a visit it is definitely worth it.
They may be moving to a larger complex or splitting the collection between the old Nike Missile Launch site in Springfield so there may be lots of dust and reorganizing when you visit.
It should be a required visit for all school age children.
Scott M.
Top of Form

Bottom of Douglasville, GA


Very interesting museum packed with all sort of WWII and Cold War listening equipment.  All the Soviet era uniforms were quite impressive.  I was stationed there for 2 years at the Calibration detachment.   I knew we were an intelligence gathering post, but not into the nuts and bolts.  Highly educational.  Glad to have been part of that history.Top of Form




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